The Initiates Plc., Thermal Desorption Unit (TDU) is a 10ton per hour capacity Plant that is indirectly fired and recovers hydrocarbon contaminants of almost virgin quality through the 3‐stage Vapor Recovery System which utilizes a closed loop heat transfer with a continuous emission monitoring system.

  • The Unit operates at about 600‐850F temperature making it suitable for the extraction of light and heavy hydrocarbon (from naphtha to paraffin wax).
  • Our Automatic 10skips/hour skip turner and washer helps to facilitate the 1week maximum Skip retention period policy which helps in driving low our clients cost.
  • Our Plant has an integrated Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEM) System to ensure measurement and compliance with emission standards. The Plant reuses the recovered water for cooling, washing and re‐blending of material for treatment. The residue is tested for heavy metal content and possibly converted to light‐weight construction material.

The Unit treats hydrocarbon contaminated materials including:

  • Oil/Synthetic Mud
  • Water Based Mud
  • Contaminated soil Drill cuttings
  • Tank Bottom sludge and
  • Spent catalysts used in oil refineries.
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