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We are involved in developing bespoke treatment solutions for various waste types however; we particularly have special facilities for:

3.1 Drill Cuttings, Oily Sludge and Contaminated Soil Treatment:We treat drill cuttings, contaminated soil and oily sludge using our 10 tons/hrIndirect Thermal Desorption Plant which utilizes a closed loop heat transfer with a continuous emission monitoring system. The highly efficient system maximizes reuse and recycling, in the sense that the recovered water is reused for Skip washing, cooling and dust suppression in plant operations, the recovered gas (incondensable) is reused as supplementary fuel while recovered oil is the primary fuel for the Plant operations.
The Plant is highly efficient in reclamation and processing of entrained hydrocarbon stock in the waste: up to 99.5% hydrocarbon recovery; less than 4ppm of oil in recovered water, and also less than 0.6% TPH in theResiduemaking it highly compliant.

3.2 E-Waste Processing:TIP operates a complete e-waste processing facility.At our facility we process all types of e-waste including: large household appliances (LHA: ovens, refrigerators, etc), small household appliances (SHA; toasters, vacuum cleaners), office and communication devices (OCD: computers, printers, scanners, phones, faxes, etc), entertainment electronics (ETE: TVs, Hifis, portable CD Players, etc), lighting equipments (LTE: fluorescent tubes, lamps, etc), electrical tools (SET: drilling machines, electrical lawnmowers, etc), sport and leisure equipment (SLE: electronic toys, training equipment, etc).
Our e-waste processing capabilities include;

  • Ozone Depleting Substances (CFC & HCFC) Recovery Capability: We carry-out Reclamation of ODS using our highly efficient Van Steenburgh CFC Reclaiming System.

  • Printed Circuit board (PCB) Crushing and precious metal recovery: Our PCB processing facility (San-Lan PCB Recovery Plant) crushes the segregated printed circuit boards to about 1mm and separates the precious metal contained.

  • Bulb Crushing & Mercury Recovery: Our highly efficient Balcon Bulb Crushing & Mercury Recovery Equipmenthas the capability to separate glass content of the bulb or fluorescent tubes or other mercury containing tubes. The glass and the mercury are collected separately without any release into the environment as the system is a closed loop recovery unit with HEPA filter that carries out filtration of the mercury vapour.
  • Cable Recycling: Our Compact Cable Recycling Machine (WCD-100C) separates plastic content of the cable from the copper wire. At the end of the process 100% plastic is recovered and also the copper is fully recovered under a highly contained and controlled environment.

  • Cathode Ray Television Cutting (CRT): We use our VacuumCRT CutterSystem to remove the CRT glass body which principally contains lead from a CRT television or monitor without any release of dust to the environment. The equipment is highly controlled and contained to avoid unwanted discharge of toxic materials to the environment.

  • LCD/LED Dismantling: We have a VacuumDismantling Plant for disassembling LCD and LED units in a very controlled environment.


3.3 Hazardous Incineration:

We safely and efficiently incinerate hazardous waste includingHealthcare Waste using our 3 tons/hrDua-chamber pyrolitic Incinerator.  Our treatment facility eliminatesdangerous emissions and has a continuousemissionsmonitoring system.  The Incinerator can attain over 1100oC temperaturewith secondary chamber resident time of 2seconds