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The Initiates Plc offers highly professional environmental and waste management consultancy services to her Clients which isaimed at improvingcost, process effectiveness and quality, and regulatory compliance. These services include:

  • Waste Auditing: TIP conducts audits for clients to identify waste character and quantity associated with all their activities and processes including hazards associated with the various waste streams generated by clients. With this type of audit, TIP develops a simple management matrix aimed at compliance, and also establishes a project system for planning purposes.  The auditing exercise is to establish client’s waste burden, structured to facilitate liability and risk management.
  • Treatability Analysis: We carryout treatability analysis to generate “fit for purpose” solutions for all wastes especially the emerging categories without sufficient history.  As part of the treatability analysis, we produce written procedures for management of particular wastes which are approved by relevant regulatory authority.
  • Management Planning: Our Planning strategy focuses on helping clients optimize resource management through improved and environmentally sound material flow cycle taking absolute recognition of the environmental, social and technological situations. We plan or develop waste management strategies for Organisations, Municipalities, State and Regional Governments.


  • Site Suitability Analysis for Waste Management Facility:   TIP multidisciplinary team carry out site suitability analysis for waste management facility development using Geographic Information System and Multi –Criteria Decision Analysis. It is a synthesis of engineering, environmental, socio-economic, health and safety criteria with a view to avoiding development, operational and decommissioning activities of facility owners.


  • Contaminated Land Investigation and Remediation Planning:  We undertake investigations of contaminated site which includes ground water and surface water quality assessment, soil quality assessment to determine which remedial works would be required to make the site safe for use. 


  • Transboundary Movement of Waste:  TIP develops all necessary documentation (including local and off-shore) in line with Basel Convention for transboundary movement of waste for Clients. As part of our consultancy services to our clients, we develop packaging and exports procedures in agreement with the off-shore legal framework. We also assist our Clients in securing off-shore facilities for processing/disposal of waste.