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Management of over 3,000tons of  Drilling Waste (OBM &WBM) from OML 123/124 offshore Nigeria, using 10ton/hr Thermal Desorption Plant. Contract Number: TB-3189


Management of over 1600tons of Drilling Waste (OBM) using 10ton/hr Thermal Desorption Plant. These were generated in Obiayima Wells 4, 5, and 6.


Waste Management Services (including Tank and Vessel Cleaning) from their off-shore operations. The Vessels were used for Mud blending and logistics. 
Agreement No: NG02003084

NLNG Bonny

  • Reclamation and Disposal of Chlorofluorocarbons and Hydrochlorocarbons Refrigerants from end-of-life Cabinets using Van Steenburgh Refrigerant Reclaim System.

Contract No: B100059HSEQ

  • Incineration of 375 tons of Spent Amine (including cleaning and decontamination of 22 Nos of 20ft ISO tanks used for the storage of the Spent Amine);

Contract No: B130152HSEQ

  • Processing of Special Recoverable/Recyclable Waste; Contract No: B140147HSEQ
  • Procurement, Installation and Commissioning of Medical Waste Incinerator;

P.O No: 4200000229


  • Off-Shore Disposal of 1500tons of  decommissioned  Asbestos- Containing Material (the project includes: Transboundary movement documentation, securing of off-shore Disposal Facility, and Shipping of the ACM to off-shore disposal facility)

Contract Nos: NG01014817, NG01018100, NG01019218

  • Provision of Treatability Analysis of Carbonised Materials at Ejema and Sime Remediation Sites (this project looked at options based on engineering and environmental quality of products with a view to recovery materials for light construction purposes).

Contract No: NG01008463

  • Provision of ex-situ Stabilization and Fixation (of Carbonized Materials from Contaminated sites). This led to production of over 50,000 units of construction blocks.

Contract No: NG01008670; Contract No: NG1009218

  • Management (Operation and Maintenance) of Shell I.A Medical Waste Incineration Plant for 4 years.

Contract Nos: NG01008783, NG01015366

  • Provision of Medical Waste Disposal Services

Contract No: E12074

Waste Management Services: This includes collection and haulage from all Schlumberger facilities in Port Harcourt, 1) Special Recoverable and Recyclable waste to our facility for processing. 2) Disposal of non-hazardous and non-recyclable wastes at Government approved dump site. 3) Cleaning of Oil/Water separators and treatment of resulting sludge.
Agreement No: SLB-PRO/30-06-2011/TIL/NGA

Design, Construction and Commissioning of Obagi Base Effluent (50m3/day) Treatment Plant. This project achieved less than 30mg/l BOD and 10mg/l TSS effluent fit for disposal.



1. Design, Construction and Commissioning of Osse River Rubber Estate Wastewater (1000m3/day) Treatment Plant.
2.  Design, Construction and Commissioning of Utagba-Uno Rubber Estate  Wastewater  (600m3/day) Treatment Plant


1. Treatment of 2,200 litres Monoethylene Glycol (MEG) recovered from Escravos Gas Project (Phase 3B)
P.O. No: 4500357150
2. Provision of Waste Management Services for: 

  • OCIP Projects, P.O. No 4300139275
  • Emergency Offshore and Onshore Trunk Pipeline Tie-ins Project P.O No: 4300140753
  • Production Uplift Project P.O No 4300183504


Collection and incineration of Medical Waste generated from all Agip Facilities (6year period).
Service Order No. 4500028946


Collection and disposal of non-hazardous and non-recyclable wastes at Government approved dump site.
P.O. Nos: 4500425385; 4500466715