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Expansion Strategy:

The Initiates was incorporated in March 1995 under Nigerian Law, and commenced operation with 5 employees in 1997. The company operated as a consultancy service provider in her first decade (1997-2006) laying foundation through development of operational systems, and earning the major operators of Oil & Gas industry, and targeted investors’ confidence.
In the first half of the second decade (2007-2011), the Company’semployees grew to 27. It secured venture capital, developed permanent office complex, and an operational line (Thermal Desorption Plant) making the organization a Waste Management Facility Operator.
The company during the second half (2012-2016), has developed two additional operational lines (in the waste management industry). These include Industrial Cleaning and Decontamination unit, and E-Waste Processing Plant (first of its kind in Africa). The company has a total of 52 employees, and targets the Stock Market by the close of this decade.
Our strategic plan is aimed at moving the company into public waste sector, and developing two more Operational Bases in Nigeria. The strategy also targets growing our Oil and Gas sub-sector in other African countries by the turn of our third decade. Our Plan is reliant on our commitment and our stakeholders’ participation and so; be part of this innovative and resourceful team for a double rewarding future of cleaner environment and copious dividend.

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