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Construction and OPERATION of Waste Management Facility

TIP works closely with clients to develop Waste Management Facility projects from conception to commissioning. We also operate and manage Facilities for clients. Our expertise in design, construction and management of waste management facility includes;
Waste Water Facility: We have capacity to deliver innovative solutions to our clients inwastewater treatment. We offer qualitywaste water treatment facility design, construction and management based on bio-technology principles
Material Recovery Facility: Wehave the capacity toprovide clients with highly efficient material recovery facilities.  Our systems assure clients of high throughput, and recovery rates paired with low maintenance based on quality design and construction. The system also ensures the quality of recyclables as they do not deteriorate throughout the processes of recovery.
Thermal Desorption Unit: We design, construct and operate portable plants for the treatment of sludge and hydrocarbon contaminated soil. Our design guarantees high treatment capacity, effective hydrocarbon recovery rate (99.5%) low energy consumption, effective environmental monitoring system.